If Shakira and Jennifer Lopez come together to carry out on stage, then Tehelka is positive to be there. Something comparable was additionally seen inside the Superbowl’s halftime. If Shakira and Jennifer Lopez come collectively to perform on the level, then Tehelka is positive to be there. Something similar also regarded inside the Superbowl halftime. The pop queens Shakira and Jennifer Lopez stared at the stage in this kind of manner, the fans have been left looking at them and the video has made a dash on social media. Shakira’s Belly Dance is being nicely appreciated and its movies are making a large splash on social media. Anyway, as a lot as Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are recognized for their singing, the extra they dance the better.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez danced fiercely to their superhit song in the Superbowl halftime and their dance was well-liked. While Shakira was wearing a red color dress, Jennifer Lopez was seen in a silver color dress. Often the Super Bowl’s halftime show is watched by everyone and this time it was no less. Two heavyweights rocked the stage.

While Shakira is 43 years old, Jennifer Lopez is 50 years old. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez performed at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami and around 65,000 spectators were present. Shakira performed brilliantly on her super hit songs ‘She Wolf’ and ‘Wherever, Whenever’. This performance of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez will be remembered for a long time because it was so amazing.

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