Salman Khan had announced during the Saturday episode that Madhurima Tuli had been evicted. Today, either Shehnaaz Gill or the Hindustani Bhau will leave the house.

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan began on an interesting note. A furious Salman mocked Hindustani Bhau for sleeping the whole week instead of participating in the house chores or entertaining the audience but an offended Bhau did not agree with the actor’s statement. We also saw ex-Bigg Boss housemates Kamya Panjabi, Hiten Tejwani along with Rashami Desai’s younger brother Gaurav Desai knocking some sense into the housemates. Gaurav very clearly hinted Rashami to think about her decision regarding Arhaan Khan, who had claimed during an episode that Rashami had zero bank balance and he is the one who is responsible for making her economically stable.
Salman also clarified with Rashami and Arhaan about the statements the latter made during the week. Salman told Rashami that he has been informed by trusted sources that her apartment is being used by Arhaan’s sister and mother while Arhaan refused to have any knowledge of it. Housemates also asked Rashami to be careful about her decision in terms of her future with Arhaan.
Meanwhile, in today’s episode, Gutthi, who entertained the audience in Saturday’s episode, will enter Bigg Boss house to spread some laughter. Later, Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma, who participated in Bigg Boss 11, will enter the show to promote their song “Raanjhana.” Hina and Priyank will give a task to the housemates during which the housemates will have to tell who among the others are their friends and enemies.

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