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Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is 37 years old, while American singer Nick Jonas is 27 years old. But Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s chemistry is amazing, and therefore the two are jamming together tons. But Nick Jonas has reacted for the primary time at the age of Priyanka Chopra to be ten years older than him. Nick Jonas has recently started judging the truth show ‘The Voice’ and is that the new coach and judge in it. aside from Nick Jonas,

filmi post

The Legend also stars John Legend and Blake Shelton. Nick Jonas spoke of Edge Gap with Priyanka Chopra during a conversation together with his rival coach Kyle Clarkson. an individual came during the audition and at an equivalent time, this discussion about age started. the person was a pastor and Nick said that he liked the song of the Christian group. Not only this, but he also hummed some lines. the person called Nick an ‘old school’. Kelly then asked Nick Jonas, ‘I’m 37 and you’re 27, aren’t you?’ to the present Nick immediately responded, and said- ‘My wife is 37 years old and it’s very cool.’ during this way, he stopped speaking. However, Priyanka Chopra has already made it clear about this age gap that she doesn’t care about it and therefore the words of the people don’t interest her either. By the way, the pair of Priyanka and Nick Jonas is extremely popular on social media.

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