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According to reports, 25 people have lost their lives in the forest fire in Australia, while the country’s forest wealth has been greatly damaged by this fire. It is estimated that the property of several billion dollars has been destroyed by this incident.

He is deeply saddened by Juhi Chawla’s son’s fire in Australia and has donated 300 pounds from his pocket money to the Australian Relief Fund to help those affected by the fire in Australia.

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Juhi Chawla says about her son, that I remember that she told me that 50 million animals have died due to the fire in Australia and she asked me ‘what are you doing about it? I said that I am helping to plant saplings in our country through Kaveri calling project.

And ‘one day later he said to me,’ I have sent 300 pounds out of my pocket money. I hope he gets to the right place, I was really happy and thanked God. I am happy to think that his heart is in the right place. Juhi’s son Arjun is currently studying in a boarding school in Britain.

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